the seer

The Seer lives in her own world, on the fringes of society. She is difficult to unravel, deeply mysterious, and gives little away, but she understands.

Her vision extends beyond the mundane world, and can encompass premonitions and true seeing of the past, giving clarity for the things that have happened, and how they have led to the present.

She is wise and able to manifest real physical change by the exercise of will. She is a magician.

The seer is sought in the long dark night of the soul. When the future is dark and shrouded in shadows. When you need clarity and certainty, she is the source of unquestionable truth and her gift is sacred. 

She is the muse of truth and inspiration. 

The Seer - Poem
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I am in crisis. Been in this hole for a bit. I feel so sad that all of my time has been taken by activities that are not as close to my heart as music. 

Periodically I get a kick in the butt, a crying fit, a deep unhappiness about this. But then life takes over, I get distracted, and keep going. Not this time. 

The time has come to make some tough decisions. More time needs to be dedicated to the passions of our heart, or the heart has nothing to feed on and goes grey. 

A while back during a meditation with a friend I visited a fictional house in the woods. I was asked to visit the room of creativity. A deep sense of loss and sadness overtook me when I saw the room was small, hemmed in by walls that kept pushing inwards, and from the ceiling I could see green ominous decaying vines dangling down.

I was overcome by the need to open the window, smash the walls and make some much needed space. 

Crisis can be good. It is the heart crying out the truth that was suppressed for too long. It's time to listen. Be brave. And follow the road less travelled.

My question to you: 

What is the seer trying to make you see? What truth have you been avoiding looking at? What brave decision is long overdue? Answer in the comments!


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