Do you have one single focus or do you have some many interests you find it challenging to choose what to concentrate on? How can you be a jack of all trades and still excel in your chosen disciplines? Ask multidisciplinary artist Shaina Evoniuk! As an aerial violinist, gymnast, yoga teacher, arranger and composer she will show you how she does it! 


Shaina Evoniuk is a violinist, composer, band leader, and arranger who has been dazzling audiences for over a decade. Recent recording credits include Leon Bridges' 2019 GRAMMY-winning song Bet Aint Worth The Hand, Lizzo’s 2020 GRAMMY-winning album, Cuz I Love You, and Alphabet Rocker's 2020 GRAMMY-nominated album, The Love. In 2018 she released her debut solo album Hitwoman Honey to critical acclaim. Her primary project Cosa Nostra Strings recently released a collaborative EP with soul singer Lilan Kane, and a full length self titled album of original works.


[03:06] Episode's Preview

[09:00] What to focus on when as a multi-disciplinary artist

[23:56] Is it difficult to say "I am an artist"?

[31:04] The role of the artist in society

[32:35] The challenges of being a professional performer

[34:16] How to deal with injury as a musician

[37:36] Computer fatigue anyone?

[42:12] Advice for musicians starting out

[45:12] Shaina's plays live!


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