So I was talking to my ex-husband on zoom like we do every Wednesday (yeah I know, it's unusual. He is my best friend and lives on the other side of the world) and I was very frustrated by the fact that I have been pouring all of my creativity into my therapy business rather than the arts, so I decided to start a scrapbook. A kinda weekly check in with myself. Every time I will draw a Tarot Card just to see what comes up, put on a record and take it from there...

The Queen of Bows.... the Hare... Fertility, eyes open, alert, perfectly capable of doing things on her own... passionate, fast moving, undertaking projects with enthusiasm and spirit. Can-do sort of person! Yup that's me! 

a sketch of scott

Look I know I am shit at drawing but that's not the point. Art is about, for me, just exploring my inner world. I was listening to Donovan doing this and a few things came to mind. A decision to go back to New Zealand after 9  and a half years of being in Scotland...

Why? I miss nature, I miss my old friends, and the weather in Scotland is truly miserable... as much as this country has given me a lot I feel the time to move on is near... 

Words that came to mind: the eye of wisdom, exciting and mysterious futures but also the shadow of doubt and fear...

If Scott (my current partner) was a Scottish 16th Century guy he would look like this... but better! 

What the Hell?


This is an experiment from when I went to Art School: close your eyes and draw! What has come out? The scribble on the right. And now- what words come to mind? The words on the left. 

A lot came up about change, uncertainty, excitement but also fear and a disturbing picture of something that looks like a baby chicken or something.... I just hope it's not my Bubulina (my beloved kitty who is 9 years old today, as I got her just after I arrived in Edinburgh, to prove to myself that I could settle down somewhere!), because when we go to New Zealand in a couple of years I don't know what to do about her... 

I am worried the travel might be too stressful for her, but I really would like to take her with me, she is my baby!!

So what now? I feel swept off my feet with projects... I try to drum every day but don't always succeed because I am so bloody busy all the time! I am trying to sell my book (which I wrote last year. If you don't know what I am talking about check it out!) Any way my goal is to sing and drum at the same time in my next band! Also I want to record my own drum tracks. That's a very ambitious undertaking but my new electronic drums are really good and it's a lot easier to record with them and I am taking yet another course with Drumeo which is an online community of drummers based in Vancouver. I have to say they are amazing...

Well, so, it's taken me forever to write this today and redo my site altogether! I seem to be addicted to redoing sites... alas. Well  here I go off to practice! See you next week!


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