King of Bows

King of bows. The snakes emerge from the earth like pure energy. Pulsating with life the winner has proven his power over the others. 

Be careful! Snakes do bite! Just leave this one alone won't you? If you torment him you will get stung! 

The Healing arts, Renewal... I can reinvent myself, shed my skins through determined action. I need to step into my own power. Face the challenges ahead with maturity and strength. I chan choose to heal myself. I can learn to wield my power without striking out poison in fear. 

I am constantly on the move. Yes. and I see the big picture in any situation. I don't really like the details, no. 

Some feel burned by my fiery presence (really??) because if you don't hold me in check I may just take over! True... sometimes. 

So these are the adder's questions today... 

*How physically active are you?
*Are you self-confident?
*Where are you successful in life?
* What are you passionate about?

My answers.

Since lockdown I have been spending a lot of time in my studio where I work on my coaching business as well as music. However I have taken up running, which, to be honest, I cannot believe myself! But I am happy with it, and I am making huge progress... I am well on the way to running 5k!

I also try to do yoga once a week and pilates, and although I used to do that a lot more it's ok. I do miss walking to the cinema and going to the beach but at the moment it cannot be done, and every time I do go out it's a little nerve wracking because people are not always careful...

Self confidence is something that depends on the area. Weirdly enough I feel confident with my coaching business. When it comes to music however I always feel a little nervous, a little insecure. It's totally bonkers. After all, logically I know I must be good enough or I would not have produced eleven albums or however many they are.

But I guess I am not making huge money with that and I am not a famous rockstar and I think there is an underlying fear that means I am not as good at music as I am at my other job. Just writing this sounds totally stupid though. Music is not something that lends itself well to capitalist society...

I am successful at my 'day job'. However, I really wish music was my day job. I want it to be. I am talking steps to changing that. It's a long road ahead... but I am passionate about it. Oh yes. I am passionate about drumming. I am passionate about creating music videos. I am passionate about learning all sorts of things! I just love learning...!!! (Don't ask how many Online Courses I own. It's RIDICULOUS)

This was the first 'exercise' of last Friday. I just loved splashing the page with ink. This week I was listening to Supertramp. Trip back in time!

 Explosion of spring, opportunity, joy!

yes, green is nature, creativity, blue is peace, red is passion, teeming with life, movement, uncontrollable chaos...

Nothing is impossible when we just dare to dream. Without limits, boundaries, we are like a child again. No more judgement. Just fun and play. 

This is what I long for. In this moment of restriction and fear. I want to scream, dance, run wild, and be silly!

scott painting

Ok so, I was trying to just brainstorm there. I don't think there is anything too profound or important in it, but why not let the brain just go for it unabashed...?


This I wrote after an ex boyfriend made a really nasty and un-necessary comment on one of my fb posts last week. I seriously have not seen this guy for 20 years. I didn't realise he would be checking out my posts, and certainly not to be a dick about what I write. But maybe that's exactly what's happening. Well, it hurt me. 

I spent a bit of time trying to understand why. I used a little note pad to jot down thoughts about it.  

splash of colour

Well last week I tried to draw Scott. I thought: I should use water colour to make him black and white. Then i thought: he brings joy into my life, I should draw that around him.!!

Make it green for creativity, blue for peace, purple for wisdom.. but what happened is I think he looks like some depressed dude with anxiety swirling all around his head! Not what I was after... sorry Scott!

writing page 2
writing page 5
writing page 3
writing page 4
writing page 6


or is it?


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