What is the difference between a professional musician and an amateur when it comes down to practicing your instrument? Artist and Creativity Coach, Singer-Songwriter and multi instrumentalist Elisa Di Napoli aka Elyssa Vulpes talks about how to practice so you get results and become a better musician.


[05:52] Common reasons why beginners fail

[07:47] The 3 essential elements that make you a pro instrumentalist

[08:30] How to practice so you don't get overwhelmed

[11:49] Why Invalidation can kill your motivation

[14:32] Your North Pole Star can help you stay on track!

[18:24] Use fear to help you drive your practice

[22:22] How to find time to practice in a busy life

[25:35] What makes your practice efficient?

[30:57] What do do when you are stuck in a rut

[31:58] Is Discipline your ticket to freedom?

[35:06] How to effectively create new habits.


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