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And the result was: two mini stories improvised in an hour or so, and a longer one which is as you can see being typed on computer and which probably will take me a lot longer to complete.

The way I came up with the stories is simple. I have a block on my table which is really a mini-book called "Writer's block". It is full of great ideas for starting stories. So all I did is put on a chill-out electronica mix on Spotify and I let my imagination take over...

Here is the playlist in case you want to read while listening to it.

This week I have been on fire!! Since I decided to stop focussing on things that do not make my heart sing I have been feeling an upsurge of creative energy I had not felt in ages!!

So I celebrated by jumping around in my lounge listening to the Foo Fighters "The Pretender" which I can never resist and after a heck of a good time I settled down to write, write, write. 

document on computer

My First Kiss

Be aware this is a fictionalised memoir, inspired by real life but slightly changed to make it more interesting!

first kiss story page 2
writers block book
first kiss story

Well, although it is clear this is very much a first draft written in half an hour, it paints a picture...

So what was YOUR first kiss like? Heavenly? Terrible? What made it so? Write your comment below!

Next week I shall be sharing the second story from my childhood. The prompt for that was: Write about a parent trying to explain the facts of life to their child... and yes this did happen, but it's not what you'd expect!!!


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