I'm Elyssa

I'll teach you to sing, play,
and even write your own songs in no time! 

Elisa Di Napoli aka Elyssa Vulpes

Revolutionary Music Education

Traditional music education can overcomplicate things and demoralise a beginner. My aim is to make revolutionary courses that simplify music, removing all complexity and confusion, and making it possible for ANYONE to become artists in their own right, and experience the same incredible joy, freedom and spiritual nourishment that music continues to give me.

Why Work With Me

If you are looking for a traditional music teacher, you can stop reading now.  

Traditional teaching methods have their place. They aim to produce robot-like players who are great at following instructions but do not feel confident with composing their own songs and cannot improvise on anything without a music sheet. This is because traditional music teaching was invented in the eras of classical composers who needed orchestras to play their pieces flawlessly. 

Don't get me wrong, if that's what you want to do, it's perfectly ok with me but that's not what I do. 

Today, anyone has access to an instrument and can compose their own music. Although music is no longer only an elite practice for the upper classes, a lot of us are still taught obsoletely with a method that does not foster creativity, composition, or improvisation. A lot of music teachers also complicate things so much that as a beginner you can feel put off and end up giving up. 

It's like this: if you wanted to be a great chef, would it be better for you to only follow recipes hoping that through this practice you could eventually understand how to cook, or wouldn't it be better for you to understand the fundamentals of cooking first, so that you could not only follow recipes but actually be able to make up your own dishes? 

Fast Learning 

My aim is for you to be able to play songs and sing as fast as possible. I will only teach you what is relevant to this goal and halve your learning time by teaching how to practice for results. 


Do you dream of being able to just pick up your instrument or to sing with a bunch of other musicians easily and confidently without thinking twice? I will teach you to do exactly that. 

Composition and Songs

Do you wish you could write your own songs? Or do you wish you could learn songs quickly perhaps even adding  your own flavour to them so you can make them your own? You are in the right place.

My story

I am a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter, recording artist and producer with a background in performing. Under the moniker Elyssa Vulpes, I have produced 12 albums of original compositions. I have had a mix of traditional and nontraditional music education and specialise in helping my students develop their creativity and their unique style so they can become the artist they were always meant to be.

Music Qualifications:
Graduate Diploma Electronic Music Composition and Performance by Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)
Graduate of The Ridley Academy (piano and vocal studies)
Currently studying for an Advanced Professional Certificate in Music Studies with Berklee School of Music .


Music Tuition for Voice, Piano, Songwriting, Theory and Performance

One-on-one music tuition for beginner adults and adolescents
(9 years old and up) in Kelburn  

In my teaching method, I unlock what I’ve learned, not just from my extensive training, but from my experience traveling around the world singing and playing for my supper!

I will take you on a journey into not just the technical aspects of singing and playing your instrument but the mental factors necessary to build a relationship with your voice and your instrument, to develop and grow your sound, so you can make that first step to becoming an artist today!

  • 30 min lesson: $35
  • 10 Lesson Discounted Package $300
  • 60 min Lesson $50
  • 10 Lesson Discounted Package $475
One-on-one music tuition for children at the Karori Music School, Apollo School of Music and Encore School 

I offer guitar, keyboards, voice and drum tuition focusing on creativity for kids. Get in touch with those schools directly.

Songwriting courses at Wellington High School 

Whether you’ve got a few songs under your belt or you’re a complete beginner, take a song idea through to a finished song you can be proud of. Split into easy-to-follow steps, I will walk you through everything from finding titles to writing chord progressions and ensuring your lyrics and melodies fit together. You’ll share your creations with fellow songwriters and get personalised feedback. You’ll see exactly how to turn theory into practice and write your best songs yet.

Performance Anxiety Workshops and Courses

As well as a music tutor, I also am a mindset, performance and confidence coach as well as a hypnotherapist. I run group courses, an online course and 1-1 sessions under my birth name Elisa Di Napoli. 

Success Stories

Elyssa is outstanding! Superb professionalism.
6 months ago I had a personal goal: singing a specific song in the best possible way.
The starting point was the in all my life I never sang and was also off-key.
I was willing to learn and Elyssa understood the nuances of my goal.
We set up weekly lessons which I greatly enjoyed. Each session was modulated by Elyssa with method, creativity, progressive care of details. She also gave me a really useful set of home exercises and a warm-up method, to enhance the tone and the style of my voice.
I had a great fun and enjoyment in each session, and noted that the progression I could gain through her continuos vigilance and advice, was notable and very encouraging to me.
She has a great skill to transfer meaningful nuances of sounds learning with proper examples, and also with visualization technique.
Plus a right reminder to feel the right feelings during the song, to adjust the body posture (I tended to move my head too much...) , to breath when and how needed.
I highly recommended Elyssa for passionate learners.

Alessandro Pinna

Elyssa is just downright inspirational 🔥. I’m one of those people who has taken piano lessons in the past and couldn't play a thing. I sooo wanted to be able to play songs I loved just for the thrill and joy of it. I followed her unconventional method and found practice enjoyable and fun for the first time in my life! I actually look forward to it now! Thank you Elyssa, I only wish I had found you earlier!!

Maryam Villa

Elyssa is an enthusiastic teacher who really cares about her students. She not only taught me to play but to actually understand what I am doing and how music works! I feel inspired to continue on my musical journey now and am proud to call myself an artist!

Joanna Martin

Music Made Simple


  • How to improvise
  • How to write your own songs
  • The 5 steps to unlock music faster than ever
  • How to save thousands of hours with Step Practicing