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Hi from Elyssa, a Performing Musician and Music Tutor.

I have set up this collective with my friends and colleagues to teach you to sing, play piano, guitar, drums and violin and even write your own songs in no time! 

Elisa Di Napoli aka Elyssa Vulpes

Revolutionary Music Tuition in Wellington

Traditional music education can overcomplicate things and demoralise a beginner. Our aim is to make revolutionary courses that simplify music, removing all complexity and confusion, and making it possible for ANYONE to become artists in their own right, and experience the same incredible joy, freedom and spiritual nourishment that music continues to give us.

Who we are:

We are a collective of performing musicians and teachers who have chosen to work together rather than join a faceless school. This is because we share a philosophy of ethical treatment of teachers and we think people should come before profit. Our focus is on being professional, friendly and focussed on students' happiness. We are based in Kelburn, Wellington, New Zealand

Voice,  Beginner Piano, Drums

Elyssa Vulpes


Elyssa is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter, recording artist and producer with a background in performing. Under the moniker Elyssa Vulpes, she has produced 12 albums of original compositions. She has a mix of traditional and nontraditional music education and assists her students in becoming their true selves as artists. She is also the author of Dare to Be Seen, a series of books and online courses to help musicians overcome performance anxiety.

Music Qualifications:
Graduate Diploma Electronic Music Composition and Performance by Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)
Graduate of The Ridley Academy (piano and vocal studies)
Currently studying for an Advanced Professional Certificate in Music Studies with Berklee School of Music



If you are looking for a traditional music teacher, you can stop reading now.  

Traditional teaching methods have their place. They aim to produce robot-like players who are great at following instructions but do not feel confident with composing their own songs and cannot improvise on anything without a music sheet. This is because traditional music teaching was invented in the eras of classical composers who needed orchestras to play their pieces flawlessly. 

Don't get me wrong, if that's what you want to do, it's perfectly ok with me but that's not what I do. 

Today, anyone has access to an instrument and can compose their own music. Although music is no longer only an elite practice for the upper classes, a lot of us are still taught obsoletely with a method that does not foster creativity, composition, or improvisation. A lot of music teachers also complicate things so much that as a beginner you can feel put off and end up giving up. 

It's like this: if you wanted to be a great chef, would it be better for you to only follow recipes hoping that through this practice you could eventually understand how to cook, or wouldn't it be better for you to understand the fundamentals of cooking first, so that you could not only follow recipes but actually be able to make up your own dishes? 


Justin Kim


Justin is a musician, guitar player, and producer based in Pōneke / Wellington.

He has played music for as long as he can remember. His mum taught him piano as a child. On his thirteenth birthday, his parents accidentally bought him a guitar - he hasn't stopped playing since.

Justin's favourite guitarists are Nile Rodgers, Yvette Young, Julian Lage, John Mayer, Mark Lettieri, and Plini.

You can see Justin in action on his socials here.



Justin loves teaching his students to play just about anything. Techniques, ideas, full songs - chances are he has been down that road before. He likes teaching lead guitar just as much as  rhythm guitar, acoustic as well as electric and is excited to share his musical philosophies with his students. He is also happy to use his perfect pitch to notate any music ideas they may already come up with. 



Rachel Williams


 Originally from Colorado (USA) Rachel has been calling Aotearoa home since 2017,

 Over 15 years of teaching, she has taught a wide variety of ages, from 5 years old to adults and has played rhythm and lead guitar in Balkan, Jazz, Blues and Indie / psychedelic bands.

Her first instrument is the guitar, but she a passion for dabbling in lots of other instruments, such as piano, drums/percussion, accordion, bass guitar, cello, harmonica, jaw harp, etc…



Each student is unique in what they are interested in and how they learn. Some are more keen on reading sheet music than others, some want to learn pop songs while others find theory to be quite interesting.

Regardless, I strive to meet the student where they are at and gently nudge them in the directions that would be helpful for their learning.

My mission is to make learning fun and to take things that seem complicated and break them into easily achievable steps.

Devyn Fowles


Devyn Fowles


Devyn began playing the violin at age 13, taking after her Dad, who is a rock musician. She is currently studying at the New Zealand School of Music in Wellington, studying Classical Music Performance. Her most notable work includes performing in shows with Michael Buble and the Auckland Philharmonic

 Orchestra. Watch Devyn in action here!

Music Qualifications:
BAHons Music

 New Zealand School of Music—Te Kōkī, Victoria University of Wellington



Kriselle Misquitta


Driven by an insatiable passion for music, Kriselle is dedicated to nurturing the musical spirit within each aspiring student. Kriselle’s journey into the world of piano began at the tender age of 6. She embarked on a formal education at the prestigious Trinity College of Music, London, where she completed 8 Grades and polished her technical finesse in the instrument. Over the years, she has showcased her talents in several recitals and performances. While piano is her forte, her musicality extends to the strings of the guitar and the resonance of her voice. Having recently moved to New Zealand from Canada, Kriselle’s teaching philosophy centres on the belief that music transcends borders, connects, inspires and enriches people’s lives.


Piano & Voice - Beginner to Advanced

Arianna Ceron


 Arianna started playing the piano when she was seven years old. Originally from Italy, she started working as a piano teacher at sixteen. She teaches piano and singing and specialises in Music Education and Pedagogy. She has taught music to people of all ages, from pre-schoolers to pensioners.

Music Qualifications: Master Degree in Music Education, Conservatory of Turin Italy


My goal as a teacher is to make music lessons a safe and enjoyable space in which everyone can explore and discover music. I want to guide students to become independent musicians, so they are able to take on new projects and find their own way through them, artistically and practically. Since no student is the same, my way of teaching is very flexible, I like to work with different techniques to bring valuable resources to help students find different solutions to their problems. My lessons are tailored to students’ needs and interests with a sprinkle of good fundamentals which allows everyone to play consistently and focus on the refining and enhancement of their music experience.


Piano & Voice Beginner to Advanced

Guitar, Ukulele, Bass Beginner to Intermediate

Jess Weston


Jess Weston is a Wellington based emerging performer. Having recently finished their Bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts (Musical Theatre) with Whitireia, Jess has been playing music and dancing since they were four years old, and now teaches music and dance all over the Wellington region.


Why Work With Us: 

Fast Learning 

Our aim is for you to be able to play songs and sing as fast as possible. We will only teach you what is relevant to this goal and halve your learning time by teaching how to practice for results. 


Do you dream of being able to just pick up your instrument or to sing with a bunch of other musicians easily and confidently without thinking twice? We will teach you to do exactly that. 

Composition and Songs

Do you wish you could write your own songs? Or do you wish you could learn songs quickly, perhaps even adding your own flavour to them so you can make them your own? You are in the right place.


Music Tuition for Voice, Piano, Guitar, Drums, Violin, Songwriting, Theory and Performance,

Offering both beginner music lessons and advanced music lessons in Wellington.

music tuition wellington
music tuition wellington
music tuition wellington
One-on-one music tuition for adults, kids and adolescents in Kelburn, Wellington  

music tuition wellington

In our teaching methods, we unlock what we have learned, not just from our extensive training, but from our experience traveling around the world singing and playing for our supper!

We will take you on a journey into not just the technical aspects of singing and playing your instrument but the mental factors necessary to build a relationship with your voice and your instrument, to develop and grow your sound, so you can make that first step to becoming an artist today!

  • 30 min lesson: $42
  • 60 min Lesson $84
Songwriting courses at Wellington High School 
music tuition wellington

Whether you’ve got a few songs under your belt or you’re a complete beginner, take a song idea through to a finished song you can be proud of. Split into easy-to-follow steps, Elyssa will walk you through everything from finding titles to writing chord progressions and ensuring your lyrics and melodies fit together. You’ll share your creations with fellow songwriters and get personalised feedback. You’ll see exactly how to turn theory into practice and write your best songs yet.

Performance Anxiety Workshops and Courses Online and In Person

As well as a music tutor, Elyssa Vulpes is a mindset, performance and confidence coach, as well as a hypnotherapist. She runs group courses, an online course and 1-1 sessions under her birth name Elisa Di Napoli. 

Where to find us

94a Upland rd, Kelburn, Wellington, 6012, New Zealand



Success Stories

11 reviews on
Angeliki T
Angeliki T
Absolutely amazing. Elyssa is a very professional and friendly teacher that has tailored the lesson to my needs and gave me very useful exercises and tips to practice at home. I have been doing lessons for a few weeks to strengthen my voice and I felt the benefits from day 1. Highly recommended!!!
Dedy Victoria
Dedy Victoria
Awesome place to learn music
Younes Poorghorban
Younes Poorghorban
I’m taking Violin with Devyn. She is the best violin instructor I’ve ever had. She is patient, professional, and has a wonderful attitude which makes the students feel comfortable. I’m really glad to be her student.
Maria Benison
Maria Benison
We've had a great experience with Devyn, she's been great for teaching my son violin and music theory.
Diāna Pētersone
Diāna Pētersone
I got to do 10 vocal sessions with Elyssa and it was a great experience tailored to my needs. Elyssa spends time getting to know her students and at any moment needed adjusts her plan and approach to focus on what is needed to overcome blockages and gain better understanding of the learning process. I saw visible improvement in my voice even tho I had not sung in many years. Highly suggest her lessons if you're looking for growth !
Alejandra Guerrero
Alejandra Guerrero
I have been enjoying learning about vocal technique through Elyssa's classes. I like her way of teaching and how I can explore my voice with easy and practical exercises. Elyssa is amazing! :)
Marcus Daly
Marcus Daly
I have to say I am very happy with my experience with Elyssa and Devyn. I have two daughters, one wanted to learn violin and the other piano, but I was a bit wary because I had some bad experiences before with music schools and teachers changing all the time. What I liked about this set up was that it is very personal and professional but I felt I was dealing with people rather than a nameless organisation. My daughters really enjoyed their lessons and are now keen to play together! I would recommend to any parent who wants their children to learn music properly but also wants them to have fun and wants to make sure their teacher doesn't disappear after one term!
Pitot Zodiac
Pitot Zodiac
I decided to get lessons when my bandmates kept telling me I was singing out of tune. I was a bit hesitant at first because I felt intimidated by the idea of taking lessons, but Elyssa put me at ease from the start and I felt comfortable singing in front of her. I am happy to say that I feel a lot more confident singing now, I can connect to my power and my bandmates are no longer complaining, which is a bonus!
Maria Delton
Maria Delton
I went to Elyssa because I wanted to re-learn piano after a long pause. I was never very good at reading and I wanted to be able to play songs without struggling so much. I was very surprised at how fast I learned and how different her method of teaching piano was. Now actually understand what I am doing and am able to play songs so much faster than before!

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