The Heart of the Matter

Autumn Days


Autumn Days

An icy desert of


Only the sound of my

own breathing

in the hull of absence

The hour stretches

to Infinity

I wait

In the darkness

I see nothing

Nothing but This


Obsession creation oppression temptation recreation trepidation

intimidation depravity creativity stupidity loneliness and wondering

when where why if how

it ever came to this

Walking on the edge of boredom where boredom does not exist



bad hardcore trash

walking on the edge of a cloud

white wedding purity

never never never satisfied

deep seated



frustrated fantasy of decadence

always seeking

fearful excavated holes

inside a face that fakes normality

everybody knows this one

everybody that bothers


everybody laughs

everybody sees the unseen

iside normality

the deepest darkness

the purest light

angel of death

desireless passion

freezing thirst

and eternal damnation

where there is only bliss


tirelessly sought

where only love grows alone

like a prickly cunning rose vine

linked with a rope to the shapeless forms

that inhabit

the shadowy corners

of the void

where nothing


where nothing ever


where there is nothing

but nothing



I found love

In the eyes of a stranger

We held each other for hours

Gazing at the stars

While the milky way unravelled

And your lips gently kissed mine

As your arms pulled me close

And I saw your beauty shine

Like a bright light inside my heart

And I chased that silver chain all the way

Back to you

So I could fall asleep in your arms

Wishing we could make love

Like it was the first time

And the last…

I travelled to you in the land of dreams

Holding you close to me

Somewhere in between

Here and infinity

Your tears washed away all of my hurt

Like a healing balm on the broken pieces

Of my barren soul

And I look across the waters

With a thin layer of tears in my eyes

And a smile

Upon my lips

Watch as the sun break through the clouds

Watch the sun as it break through the clouds



It was a sweet bitter surprise

In the middle of my life

A winter’s night a beautiful light

And then me

And you

No-one told me the pain that could be felt

The fear, the helplessness the guilt

To find before I could learn to love

You were gone

You were gone

You were gone

You were gone

You were gone

Only alive for a minute

For a minute

For a minute

You were already dead



It waits

for the ice to break

while underground magma

pushes its way up

the surface

thawing the frozen ground

one note at a time

A speckle of sun-dust

Descends from the obscurity of


And reaches out

To melt the morning dew

and break resistance

Into new song

Fragility’s courage

Prays for the wind’s grace

To give it one chance to see the day

And rejoice in spring’s harvest

Not trampled by ignorant feet

Nor derided by ancient oaks

But seen

by kind hands

And held by caring eyes

It finds

An instant of faint light

And stretches against all odds

Into a land of new unexplored




You bring me down

You bring me down

You bring me down

You take me down

I don’t want to see you anymore

I can see the mask that you once wore

Oh you don’t really know

what it is like

To be the one who’s always

By your side

You bring me down

You take me down

You bring me down

You take me you take you take me down

I tell you what it is good for me

It isn’t you

You only see the ugliness

I only need some love

But all I got is fear

And I end up feeling depressed

When you’re near

You bring me down

I'm gonna start

a brand new life

and I don't really need

your good advice

I don't want you to come by

I give you what is yours

and take back mine

Into the Woods


Click clock time will stop

Put your shoes on

Said the master

And come with me

A voice said

In her head

It was her grandma’s bag

She found it somewhere among the rubbish

All covered in dust

And old black glittering feathers

She looked inside

It was her first time

And maybe the last

Follow me

Into the woods

Follow me

Where the streets end

And no one else can follow you

Small feet running

Down out the door

I want to lose myself

Inside this labyrinth of leaves

Say goodbye to the sunset

And walk away from the world

Of men

But whatever you do

Don’t fall asleep

Or you’ll wake up in one hundred years

And everyone you know

Will be long gone

This is the price to pay

For knowledge

Unlucky in Love


This love can never be

More than what it is

A light of inspiration

In the stormy sea

I play the heart of steel

But I melt like hot honey

I wish I could show you how I really feel

Though I don’t really know you

I saw your soul

And now I want you even more

I want you even more

You are the lover I should have had ten years ago

You are the one

I would have followed

To the ends of the earth

The unlucky in love

That every girl will kiss once

The pretty boy that looks like a woman

But makes love

Just like a man

Il Re


il ghiaccio 

si e' spezzato

in tre pezzi d'acutissimi angoli di vetro

sotto rosso e denso

il fluido spurga 

da un fondo immobile

e spara in aria

dolci lacrime

di fiamma accesa

le scorie di lava


nelle vene schiuse appena

I miei segreti

Giacciono soli

Come pietre su di un letto spoglio

Mentre le mani vecchie del re

Ne sfogliano le membra

Trasformandole in gemme silenziose

Le sue parole blu

Colpiscono la mia anima nascosta

Resa nuda davanti ad occhi

Che non amo

Ma che mi sento

Battermi contro

Nonostante tutto quel che sento

Perche il re e’ il re

Perche il re e’ il re

Perche’ perche’ perche’

Il re e’ il re

Where have all the good guys gone album

Where Have all the Good Guys Gone?

Where Have all the Good Guys Gone?


So you ‘re forty single and looking for romance
It’s late at night you ve had enough of all those bars with drunks
The leaves are falling on the ground
but you’re not ready yet to be homebound

So you hit the clubs where you think it’s easy to get lai
But after sex with one twenty year old
Your only satisfaction is in the kitchen bowl stuffing yourf face with cake

So you revert to Jim at work who flirts with your best friend
Come xmas he ll hook up with her and that will be its end
And then you ll feel emotional and leave the party early
Log on to online dating , chat with a 30 something

Only to discover he s got a gaming habit
He s only free one hour a week and he thinks having kids is tragic
And the only other guys that message you are either dull or creepy
They send you picks of you know what that only make you weepy

And you think to yourself
Where have all the good guys gone ?
Have your chances all been blown ?

Come spring you think of getting thin but since you know that gyms are grim
You opt for tango lessons hoping mr Right will come
But all you find is that socially awkward
dude for whom life isn’t much fun

You ask him out but he just stands and stares like he s afraid
That you ll see he s as pure as they day he was born
He never touched a girl after his mum caught him red handed with the porn

Now summer’s here and all the new formed couples are about
You smile but inside you just cringe and really wanna shout
Fuck off this isn’t fair ! I deserve love just like you !
Do you know how long I ve been without a screw ?

And then the psycho guy whose wife divorced him last july
He thinks he can have you easy , so he gives you the eye
But you still got some dignity you ll never stoop so low
You exist stage salute him with a bow

And you think to yourself
Where have all the good guys gone ?
I am so tired of being alone
Is my heart turning to stone

Where have all the good guys , where have they gone ?

The Story of the Elephant


Woke up this morning 
Bad taste in my mouth
A feeling of doom
Hangs about in the room
Don’t go to Dave’s birthday
You will not like the crowd

I ignore all my feelings
Put clothes on and chill out
Go to work til half six
Shower, make up, wine fix
Car won’t start what a drag
Take the bus, smoke a fag, curse out loud

At the party I see
Dave’s not there but there’s Steve
Plus new girl, my ex boyfriend
The tequila is a godsend
But as soon as it’s down
Comes back up as I heave

Moonbeam and Jade
stare at me from the corner
Though they know me quite well
I’m not part of their tribe
‘Light anoooother one….
Just like the other one…”
crack a joke, don’t you spoil the good vibe

It reminds me of the story of the elephant
That miss Murray used to tell us in school
Don’t assume that you’ve got the full picture
Or you will end up being the fool

Next there’s Crystal who’s has witnessed the scene from afar fingerpick
dressed in white , that's her style, puts her hand on my heart
“it’s all part of the plan
just believe that you can
then she smiles

But then Flame jumps on site
pulls me on the dance floor
“look at me , I'm a fairy, I'm a fairy you know?
You should just party more
All afflictions ignore
Say yes only to joy, the rest no !”

Thank God Mike comes to save me right then
Paracetamol’s the right answer to pain
You just ate something rotten
Soon it’ll all be forgotten
There is nothing that science can’t explain !

So I sit on the couch, gulp my water and pill
And I don’t even notice Damian sneer at my side
“They run blind the rat race
until death wins the chase
and the sooner you get it, the worse is the ride”

Quick! I fake some distraction
Till the loud interruption
“Come to church!” shouts Dolores
dropping leaflets around
“Only Jesus can save
reject Satan, be brave!
In the bible all the answers are found !”

It reminds me of the story of the elephant
That miss Murray used to tell us in school
Don’t assume that you’ve got the full picture
Or you will end up being the fool

The Box


The box
this is the story of a very special box
young miss Laura found it and gave it to her lover Rob
after a while it was they decided they would move in
living together would be like a magical ride
or a balloon in the wind
she put the box on their table always in sight
symbol of their new romance
emblem of their love's delight


you only get what you see

every day Laura shone it, left it right open for Rob
so he could admire its beauty all around the clock
but as hard as he tried the poor boy he could not understand
why it was something special so he grew angry
could no more pretend
he hid the box in a cupboard out of her sight
would not tell where or why
until it ended in a fight


you only get what you see

Laura went mad with sadness until the box was found
then she went out the door and threw it on the ground
Rob saw her leave and could not help but notice the sound
he went outside and saw it smashed in pieces
scattered all around
he tried as hard as he could to fix the box
but it was too late now the balloon had come to a stop


you only get what you see
what do you see ?

Big Wanker


The minute you walked in the room
I wished that men like you were in extinction
A real big wanker
Sun Glasses suit and tie
Wouldn’t you like to know
What’s going on in my mind

So let me get straight to the point
It’s not the cash that makes men sexy can’t you see
Hey Big Wanker
Get the hell away from me

How I wish you’d get lost , lost lost
I don’t care about your Porsche, your spa, your swanky watch, your hogwash
Don’t you give me that smug smile
Only makes you look more vile

I rather you were poor but smart
That kinda guy that makes a girl laugh with banter
But you re such a wanker
Stop looking so surprised
If you want some action you better engage with my mind

So let me get straight to the point
Have you ever heard the best things in life are free
Hey big wanker
Hey big wanker
Hey big wanker

If you want some titillation
You better come up with a decent topic of conversation
For me

Sweet Bitter Enemy


You are poison
Poison for my blood (repeat)

You’re poison
You’re poison
You’re poison for my blood (

So why do I want you, so much
If you’re poison, poison for my blood

)Why do I crave for you to finish me
You Kill me you kill me kill me with your cruelty
You Kill me you kill me In the throes of ecstasy
Kill me kill me oh please kill me

I want to be your victim
A victim of your eyes
Gimme a lethal injection
Filled with fear and Desire (SING TWICE, SECOND TIME HIGHER)

I see you’ve come to visit me tonight
Woke me up and gave me a huge big fright

And then…
You kill me you kill me you kill me with your cruelty
You kill me you kill me my sweet bitter enemy
You kill you kill me in the throes of ecstasy
You kill me you kill me
My bitter sweet enemy

You’re the spider
In my nightmare
My sweet bitter enemy
You’re my spider
You’re my nightmare
Are you dreaming of me?

Il Pescatore


Sei troppo intenso non ti riesco a gestire 
Quella testa che gira ti fa solo impazzire
Tu che sei cosi intelligente                      
Usi il potere della mente                     
contro te stesso                                      
e ti viene il chiodo fisso
di trovre mille soluzioni                     
e invece trovi mille ragioni
per non seguirle mai                       

Non rieco a starti dietro            
sei diventato quasi cieco      
sei il tuo peggior nemico 
e qualunque cosa dico    
non ti raggiungera     

Continuo a darti cio che posso
ma tu non riesci a mollar l'osso
sei ossessionato da te stesso

e non t'importa piu nemmeno il sesso

Sei perso in labirinti cinti di paure ed ansieta'
e non riesci piu a distinguere la verita' 
ma e' la paura il tuo vero male             

Apri gli occhi senza giudicare
datti una mano solo tu ti puoi aiutare
non lo troverai mai un significato
quello che ti dici e' solo fiato sprecato  

quello che conta e' che tu sia felice 
ascolta solo cio che alla felicita conduce 
pensieri come pesci in un torrente in movimento 

tu sei il pescatore
non ti ci buttare dentro

The Ballad of Queen Victoria


Not a lot of people are aware
That young Queen Victoria was not a maiden fair
In fact she was a very sassy one
Liking her man to be, lots of fun

Many a night they spent entwined
Like a, prickly rose to a , clinging vine
And, many a witness heard them scream and shout
Cries and moans of pleasure day in and, day out

So much she squeezed of the poor king to be
That he just expired like spent male bee
And there she was left all alone and sad
Without a lover in her, empty bed

She spent all days lamenting her departed king
Without the possibility of another fling
Her frustration mounted and became so great
That She wanted everyone to share her fate

If I can’t get laid than nobody can be !
This I impose now by Regal Decree!
You all shall suffer the pain I’m in!
Sex is bad, sex is a sin !

From that day on everyone got dressed in black
And Had to be covered from shoes to hat
No parts of the body were to be shown
Nothing of sex could ever be known

Except in the secret space of the whore house
Where depraved women went without blouse
And all sorts of twisted things were seen
By all men brave enough and keen

Oh Queen Victoria you ruined us all!
Only because you had a twist of bad luck
I wonder how different things could have been
If you could have had, another fuck

The night is falling cover

The Night is Falling

The Night is Falling


Staring at the clock
snow melts on your hands
you stare at it in shock
the weather's turning
the night is falling

it's risen to the top
waiting's not your game
it's coming to a stop
time is crawling
your soul is burning

Mercy album cover by Elyssa Vulpes



­­­­ VERSE I

Ed ecco una scena da film un po scontato

L’addio alla stazione e l’ultimo bacio

Ed io in ginocchio che ti abbraccio piano

E i tuoi occhi lucidi e quel tuo sguardo strano


Siamo ora rimasti tutti e due sospesi

Tutti e due da soli su dei fili tesi

Sopra ad un abisso molto profondo

Di cui non riesco nemmeno piu a vedere il fondo


E Io non ti potrei mai dimenticare

Ma non so neanche piu sperare


E che ne sara’ ora di tutti i cliche

Di tutti quei sogni spariti con te

Tu eri il mio re ora te ne sei andato

Sei come un criminale davanti al suo reato


Io so che la mia rabbia e’ solo una difesa

La normale reazione di una donna offesa

Ma e’proprio questo cio’ che mi protegge

Da un dolore che forse mi sommergerebbe


Ma io non ti potrei mai dimenticare

Anche se non so neanche piu sperare


­­­­ VERSE I

Like a winter leaf

Led downstream by the spring tide

Your picture fades

Inside warm memories

Your picture fades

Inside warm memories

And slowly dissolves

Before my tired eyes

I have long prayed for this moment

For a time of respite

From the long tear stained hours

Of a long lasting night

Mercy Has finally found me

Ce la faro'


A trovar la mia strada come faro’?

Un disegno la cui forma riconoscero’

Io non lo so

No Io non lo so

Senza segni o cartelli io me ne andro’

Se a imparar dai miei sbagli io sapro’

Ce la faro’ io lo so

Ce la faro’ di certo

Better this Way


Better this way
Let it fade away
Better this way
You say
It’s better this way

Promises and dreams fade like rain
Inside a land where no sun rises
It is no wonder tis’ no surprise
When what I want I cannot get
And what I get I no more want
I run away from you
I run and wait for you
To run back to me
And if you do I’ll push you away
And if you don’t I’ll say
You cannot see
That dangerous is the enemy within
The one that will never let you win
But you are not my best friend yet
So I shut the door in your face
Cause you’re not ready for me to let
You in this sacred place

And it’s better this way
Let it fade away
It’s better this way anyway
It’s better, this way
It’s better this way you say
Let it fade away
Better this way you say
It’s better, this way

I ran away from you
I ran and waited for you to
Run back to me
But now it’s too late
And now it’s become fate
And now you can’t even if you could see
That dangerous is the enemy within….

Tutto Intorno e' Ombra


Ombre tutt’intorno
Te ne vai via
Mentre il mondo tace
Lasci che sia
Tutto il tuo dolore
a spingerti
Verso il tuo domani

E mentre io piango mi accorgo che
Niente e’ piu importante di te e me
Niente se non cio’ che dobbiam fare
Cio che dobbiam diventare

Priva di ogni strato di maschera
Spoglia del passato Infine libera
Senza piu difese e vulnerabile
Questa e’ la mia lezione

Dopo tutte le dolci parole
Quando ho detto e’ morto il nostro amore
Tu mi hai dato tutto il tuo potere
Questo sbaglio non faro’

She's Not Alone


first time you met her all you could see was her pretty face  

she was dancing close to him,

you wished you were in her place  

where is she now?

you thought: who is this girl who has it  all, 

she is so young and perfect

just like a doll almost too beautiful

where is she now? 

And then she came to you in a dream

her eyes were open the skin was cold

it had been days  since she was last seen

where is she now ? 


And now you think about those shining eyes

below the water of the bay

You really think she'd throw her life away?

where is she now? 

And spring may come 

and  while the flowers  blossom now

You wipe the last  tears off your brow

because you know where is she is now...

she's not alone 

she's gone back home

she's not alone

this bird has flown

Buonanotte Amore Mio


Anche se non stiamo piu insieme

Tu occuperai sempre un posto speciale

Perche’ quello che c’e’ fra noi e’ reale

So che devo lasciarti andare

E che ci sono cose che anch’io devo fare

Devo crescere per diventare

Quel che finora ho solo osato sognare.

Buonanotte amore mio

So che adesso devi stare da solo

E che hai bisogno di sperimentare

Una vita diversa con altre persone

Per fare emergere una nuova visione

E so che nulla fra noi e’ davvero cambiato

L’essenza e’ la stessa

L’amore e’ restato

Lo stesso che abbiamo sempre sentito

E’ solo il suo tempo che adesso e’ finito

Buonanotte Amore Mio

pearl of blood by elyssa vulpes

Pearl of Blood

All along the Shadows


All along the shadows you walk away
Silence all around your eyes are grey
Deep within the sorrow your hidden face
Glows into tomorrow

And into this pillow I weep and see
Nothing really matters but you and me
Nothing really matters but me and you
But what we must do

To become the people we want to be
Stripped of all our layers and finally free
Learning all the lessons that we must learn
Understanding more of all

Even after all the words I said
Even if I said our love was dead
I still care for you and hope one day
We will meet again

Within all the fire and inside ice
You gave me your power and I gave mine
Lost we found each other and in our fight
We discovered ourselves

I’ve become the source of all your pain
If I stayed with you I’d go insane
Maybe all of this was meant to be
A whole new discovery

I called you my brother was like a wife
You became the father of all of my strife
Then the disappointment closed us in
You would no more let me in

And though your wounds still bleed
It’s only you , you need
To love

The Prophecy


Standing on my side of the shimmering shore
I stare ahead into darkness
My eyes are open wide and see
A stranger’s eyes staring back at me
“I know who you are” we both say together
and the vision stays in our minds forever
“yes you are the love I will find and lose
and this fate we cannot refuse”
it won’t be a story with a happy ending
it is more like rain on a window pane
there’s no point forgetting, it’s no use pretending
that it won’t be pleasure with the sting of pain
then the image fades, I Remain alone
nothing more is said by the man unknown
is this truth? Or is it fantasy?
I don’t want his words to keep haunting me
But days follow night and the sun shines bright
Spring is coming near and so grows my fear
For I know that soon it will be our turn
And though we can’t be saved my choice has been made

Do it Again Sam


A night existed where I
suddenly caught you by surprise
I put the blindfold on your eyes
and wished to kiss you till sunrise

I wished for you to come
and blew out a red candle
the fresh wind came and took you back
to give me your embrace

you touch me like I’m beautiful
you touch me like I’m porcelain
with reverence and gentleness
I see myself white

Do it again Sam
come to meet me again
do it today
because tomorrow I’ll go away

Just when I thought that you would come
you found the sweet love of another
lucky is she who will become
the one you hold close next to you

what makes you happy makes you cry
what you desire the most will break you
now when I look into your eyes
I feel the tears swell up inside

you touched me like I’m beautiful....

I’ll go away Sam
I know I can’t have you again
I’m sad today
but I guess there’s no other way
I’ll go away Sam
maybe one day we’ll meet again
I’ll go away
I’m sad today

Not You


You are so sweet and gentle
You are so much fun
With you I am at peace
You are a wonderful man
But it isn’t you I long for
No it isn’t you I am meant for

I am so happy to have you in my life
When I am with you I feel love inside
But it isn’t you I am meant for
No it isn’t you I long for

It would be so easy if it was you I desired
You’d make me happy easily
I almost wouldn’t have to try
Bit it isn’t you I long for
No it isnt you I am meant for

So please don’t leave me now you know it isn’t you
Please stay with me
I love you too
I don’t want to hurt you my dear friend
But true romance is not in store for us in the end
No true romance is not in store for us in the end

Break Up


She locks herself inside the room
she locks herself inside herself
lock yourself and throw away the key
that´s the way to do it
that´s your way to be
one day he´ll be gone and sitting next to you
scared to tell you you´re a thousand miles apart
you live together in misery but you rather live this way
than to be alone but free see the truth that´s in your face
love is to love freely
love is to set free
love is to see yourself loving yourself and all that´s in between
it is so much less glamorous than passion
and yet so much more complete
love your lover like he is not yours
love yourself first

Tristan and Isolde


I see our tragic story
unfold between our eyes
it´s all inside my heart
between you and I

should I set the wheel in motion
hope it ends well in the end G
or should I not even tell you
keep the secret in myself

I´m afraid I´m too romantic
for a world that´s full of pain
I´m afraid you´ll surely laugh at me
leave me crying in the rain

it has happened oh so much before
I am tired of this charade
all I want is sweet warm loving
laughter on a summer´s day

Am I asking for too much
when all around is shame E-
for our longings and our weaknesses
don´t we all just want the same

Once again I´ll put myself
in the hands of destiny
hoping it will take good care of me
leave me something I can keep
I will let myself ride the waves
of the ocean that will come
make my heart and soul be strong enough
to withstand all that will come

Cause I´m afraid I´m too romantic....



Why this sinking feeling?
Why always this tears?
Why do I feel it’s over
Why these fears

Did we use to have fun once
Or was it just a dream
And why is it so hard now
To feel my love within…?

We try and try and always fail
To find a new solution
But nothing works and in the end
I find only pollution

Why can’t we be happy?
Is it me or is it you?
I am lost within a deep sadness
And nothing seems to pull me through

Each day I see the desperation
Reflected in your eyes
As I withdraw and close myself
To try and stop the fights

I am alone and I’m so scared
Of losing your affection
And yet unable to make a change
In either direction

Goodbye Angel


Got a letter this morning
Telling me that you’re dead
Nobody knows how it happened
They just said, they found you dead
In your bed

After a lifetime alone
Another sleeping pill
Another glass of alcohol
And you went away with a smile
The only happiness you knew in your unhappy life

I wish I could have shown you
Another way to see it all
The love and beauty of the world

But were always so blind
To other people’s love
And anyway I always was too far away

I wish at least that I could have held your hand
So you didn’t have to die alone
You were one , one of my dearest friends
And now you’re forever gone

If I ever, If I ever ever have a child
I should call him Angel, like your name
He shall be my angel
Like you were when you were alive
Goodbye my angel goodbye

The Unwanted


your eyes speak of fear
the fear of burnt hands
in the sacred fire of passion
you long to touch my lips
with words that are soon forgotten
but yours is a fascination
of the dangerous kind

you will wait for me forever
if you think that I will come to you
if all you do is lie there waiting
all you do is wait for me

cause you don’t want me like I don’t want you
you don’t know anything about me
you live your life closed behind doors
and you won’t open them for me

so please quit that shy looking at me
like Im something you might wanna have
just in case I’m interested
see if there’s something for you to get

all I ask is for an open heart
if you want me come and do your part
but don’t think that I’m for the taking
by the first one who’ll come along
cause you don’t want me like I don’t want you....

Jessie's Song


I look into your
Mad eyes
Shining with desire
Your hidden
Firing at the inside of my mind
I can hear the meaning of your silences
I can hear the thoughts you never spoke
I can feel your hands inside my body
Rummaging to find something to hold on to
You caress me without touching
You’re ablaze without a sigh
We embrace inside a vision
That hides behind my averted eyes

When I am gone


What will you do when I am gone
And what will you feel when you’re all alone
Where will you go when it’s time to part
And how will you be when we are far apart

You’re playing with fire and it’s just the start
You think you’re immune
To the pain of a broken heart

Your naivety is endearing
And almost contagious
But your youth is both your blessing and your curse

What will I do when the fruit is ripe
Where will I roam when the end’s in sight
How will I feel when the time draws near
What will I say when I feel the fear

You don’t know what you’re playing
But I know it very well
This closeness will bring pain
Together with the spell

But this is not a game
And the stakes are way too high
The words that you use now
Will make you cry

So what should I do now that I have a choice
And will you be able to listen to my voice
How do I know what to let fall apart
What I should keep and what to discard

You're driving me crazy


You’re driving me crazy
With all your demands
You’re driving me crazy
I’ll give us one more chance

You’re holding me so close
I can’t breathe anymore
If you don’t let me go soon
I’ll be closing that door

Can’t you see that it’s only
When your fears do come true
That you let yourself worry
And then they become true

Cause you’re driving me crazy….

I’m so tense I get angry
I get stressed I get blue
If our love is left broken
After all we’ve been through

I’m so sick of us fighting
When it’s clear that we care
Let me live my own life
While I know that you’re there

Pearl of Blood


Last night I dreamt of you
A pearl of blood in a dark pool
And though I left him all to you
You’ll never be another man’s fool

Today I met you
While walking down the street
And though you looked at me
I couldn’t bring myself to come and talk to you
To come and talk to you

Hey sister
Are you my secret ally?
Or do you really care about him?
Hey sister
Are you my secret ally?
Or do you think the worst of me?

Cause there’s something left unspoken
That needs to find expression
And that’s why this fascination
Won’t leave me alone

Hey sister
Is this just my insecurity?
Or do you think of me as enemy?
Hey sister
Is this just insecurity?
Or are you just trying to be free?



You were born together
And together you shall die
You shall be together
When you laugh and when you cry

But let there be spaces in your togetherness
Let the wind of the heavens dance between you

If we Love one another
But make not a bond of love
Let it be rather
A moving sea between your souls
Fill each other cup, but drink not from the same one
Feed each other bread, but do not eat from the same bowl

We will Sing and dance together
and let each other be alone
Even as the strings
Of a sweet lute are all alone
Though they quiver with the same music
Part of the same lute they stand alone

Let us Give of your hearts
But not into each-other’s arms
Only the hand of life
Can contain all of your hearts
And stand together, yet not too near together
For the pillars of the temple stand apart

Blue Sapphire


At night
it shines

At night
it shines

It´s blue
it´s deep
it´s a little Sapphire

I dream of holding you gently by my side
running my fingers through your hair
breathing beside you watching you sleep
watching the Sapphire grow warm

your precious Sapphire
needs care
needs love
I´ll warm it up for you

I want
to see it
glowing in the dark
it´s blue
it´s deep
it´s your precious sapphire

Holding On Letting Go

Holding On Letting Go


When we met that first night

 I thought this guy’s just right We got on like a house on fire

Then we went for a walk

We talked and talked and talked

He looked into my eyes like he saw my soul

And I fell in love and I felt so whole

Oh Holding on and letting go

Running away and wanting more

I don’t know why I gave him so much power

Then he went up his tower

I watched it get higher and higher

 stood in the desert for days feeling like a ghost

But when he came he said he could not quench my thirst

Oh Holding on….And he never told me the reason

His lips fell so silent and cold

Soon enough he was gone

And I was left forlorn

Though I never thought this love would last more than one season

But I guess he got scared

Or he just would not dare

To let the light shine on the seed that he had sown

So he will never feel the flame that would have grown

Do you Wanna Play


Did it seem to be fair
Acting like you didn’t care ?
While the days were passing by , passing by
With a growing hope inside

And so many words unspoken
But your passion still ran high

Do you wanna, do you wanna play
Or do you want her to go away

He was sharp he was handsome he was sexy he was cool
He was funny he was charming he was nobody s fool
He was stunning she was lonely you were dark he was sunny
And he wooed her she was swooning you were watching right beside them

And you wanted her She wanted him you knew it , it was clear Em
Then they left but it grows it still pulls and it shows Cm
Even though your eyes never touched her deep inside

You don’t wanna you don’t wanna play ( see previous chorus )
No you want her to go away
You don’t wanna you don’t wanna play
No you want her to go away

Attrazione Facile


Forse avrei dovuto baciarti
o forse no
forse avrei dovuto non pensarci o forse so
che sarebbe stato troppo strano
e' sempre meglio andar piano
e se fra noi c'e' un attrazione
dobbiamo usare la ragione
e diventare prima amici
perche tutto quello che dici
mi ha fatto rendere conto
che non sei ancora pronto

E che neanche io lo sono
percio' non chiedero' perdono
per quell'istante che ci e' sfuggito
perche' non e' tutto gia'finito
ma anzi e' appena cominciato
con quel piccolissimo bacio
dato di fretto ma chiaramente
per indicare sinceramente
che ci piacciamo ma che
va tutto bene cosi' com'e'
e che voglio solo stare un po' con te
un attrazione facile

Life is but a Joke


The clock is ticking on...
The clock is ticking on...
The clock is ticking on...

Sitting here in Silence
Staring at the Pattern
Trying to make sense
of the Change within ourselves

You sail across the ocean
like an Old Fashioned Soldier
and NOTHING I can do
will ever Change this simple fact

You finally found Love

Instead I am still here searching...

The clock is ticking on
and We Keep
Getting Older ...

La la La la

The Trick is to keep Trying
like Life is but a joke
you LAUGH and then you're CRYING
when it goes up in Smoke

the Time is getting Closer
to say Goodbye my friend
I guess it's not all over
One day
we'll Start Again

You finally found Love

instead I am still here searching...

The clock is ticking on
and We Keep
Getting Older ...

Keep Going


When you're not feeling great, keep going, you don't know what may happen tomorrow, trust in life!
The more energy you put in the present the better the future will turn out. Create your own destiny , don't be a victim of circumstances.


Lonely and dark were the days you spent unknown
Lost inside a mask pretending to be fine
Invisible and distorted a picture stuck in time

so now you shake hands with loneliness
Strike a deal with gods unkind
If you could only change your frame of mind (you’d see)

There’s still something to learn
The darkest hour’s just before dawn

So keep going keep going no matter how you feel
Keep going keep going in time your heart will heal

You don’t know if tomorrow will bring happiness or strife
You may lock eyes with a stranger in a crowded room at night
You might lose just about everything to make space for a new life

And then One day you’ll wake up with the one that sees you whole
You’ll feel like you’re together even when you are alone
You’ll try to find the words that will do justice to your love (cause)

There’s still something to learn
The darkest hour’s just before dawn

So keep going keep going no matter how you feel
Keep going keep going in time your heart will heal

It's all right


inside my mind there always was a doubt
that between us it would work out
and now it's me who's eager to be free
you're not one to disagree

It's unfair
now you're scared
but the dream is over now
it's all right

And love can push you down
but love can turn you round
pain's only love's battleground
the dream is over now
it's all right

and after all that you and me have been through
there's nothing left to misconstrue
these are my gifts
know yours are well received
there never was deceit

don't despair
I still care
but the dream is over

it's you who holds you down
and you who can bring you round
there's nothing that can't be found
the dream is over
it's all right

Let Yourself Fall


I can't stand this silence
so full of implications
so full of questions

why ?

What part of yourself are you listening to ?
Am I too good to be true ?
Or am I not good enough for you ?

Do you not want me as such
or do you just want me too much
this empty wordless space
is killing me

I'm on my knees
Oh please
I beg you

break these icy walls
and let yourself fall

Another Man


Last time I saw you months ago
you told me you would have to go
because although you still loved me
you didn't feel you could be free

winter came and then came spring
tears flowed down filled me with grief
silence grew like a wall of stone
I lost all hope was left alone

You ceased to write I ceased to try
you ceased to love I ceased to lie
I told myself : let him be gone, leave him behind and move along

and then one day I met another man
I met another man

I wrote to tell you in a letter
maybe for spite or just for glory
got no reply it didn't help me find some sense
in this sad story

did you forget me are you in denial
did you not care still this desire
to know for sure what were your feelings
did you abandon me for my failings ?

But in the end it doesn't matter
you know why
I tell you why

cause then again I met another man
I met another man

does it mean that it was worth it
that he was worth it
does it mean it worth it
in the end ?

Summer Romance


How can you stop a river from flowing
You can only swim or run away
Instead we stay land locked in a standstill
Waiting to see if the silence will turn into an embrace

Can we disappear into each other my dear
Will our love win against our deepest fear

No No No love is not enough
Love’s a dark lady with blinded eyes
And we re too lost even to say goodbye

Is this just a sweet summer romance
Something that fades as the cold autumn days advance

And life is more important and sacred than art no matter what you say
Art just tries to imitate life and almost always miserably fails A
Art is a medicine for a wounded heart
Art is the antidote but love is the start
And art alone won’t cure your ills when you re falling apart

And love it would be enough
If only we d let ourselves fall
If only we d let ourselves feel
But this is just a sweet summer romance
Something that fades
As the cold autumn days advance

Lovely Day


It's another lovely day
in the springtime of our lifetime
can't you see that it's ok
there's no reason to be sad
so let me take your hand
and let's soak up all the sunshine

there is no more to be said
now is the only time we have
are you listening my friend
it's not over till we're dead
so drop your anger don't get mad
it isn't really all that bad
it's not about being right
come on and sit down
by my side

do yo think that I don't care ?
Or are you just really scared ?
Why do you keep being mean ?
Are you suffering within ?
Cause all I want is only love
if you can't give it
then I'll go

Come on tell me how you feel
we've got to keep it real
does it really need to end ?
Or could we possibly be friends ?
If you continue with this game
you'll only have yourself to blame
just hold me in your arms and smile
the rest is nothing
never mind...

On the Pier


Just watch the birds
Fly above the pier
Watch the light swim in the dim
Light of evening
Purse your lips, don’t talk
Just let your body speak
The language of love

The first thing I saw
was the morning glow
Melting slowly but surely
At the sight of my smile

Next your heard my voice empty
Of the worrisome tone
Restored to health, devoid of any
Demand for reassurance

Next you held my hand and kissed
Me on the cheek. We walked
In silence and let out our true feelings


­­­­ Hey Charlene where did you go
Hey Charlene where did you go
Hey Charlene where did you go

Did you go where the rivers don’t flow
Did you go where no wild flowers grow
Did you go where nobody will ever find you ?

Hey Charlene was it so bad
To make you wish that you were dead
Hey Charlene it’s your fault for wanting more

Did you go where no tide ebbs and flows
Did you go where the hours pass slow
Did you go where nobody knows what happened to you ?

Hey Charlene this is how it feels
When you get the raw end of the deal
Well at least they say it’s the end of your ordeal

Cause you went where there’s nothing more to fear
Yeah you went where everything is clear
Now you are where nobody can, hurt you anymore

Grow Up


So now we are through
A little more than you can chew
I am so sick of you

Stop it now don’t play it cool
Oh my god you re such a fool
Now go back to love school

Cause it’s you you know who’s all fucked up
Come on now man, grow up
Yeah it’s you who’s all fucked up
( Come on come come on come on grow up
Come on come on grow up

Your lover’s sighs are just vicious lies
You looked the part but now I realise
You’re just a child, a child in man’s disguise

Even when you act like you are wise
You need to educated yourself
Stop leaving it to someone else
Don’t tell me what you think I wanna hear

Your silly games put you to shame
Don’t buy your blame I m no game to tame
I ain’’t got the time for that my dear

Cause it’s you you know who’s all fucked up
Come on now man, grow up
Yeah it’s you who’s all fucked up
( Come on come come on come on grow up
Come on come on grow up

Your lover’s sighs are just vicious lies
You looked the part but now I realise
You’re just a child, a child in man’s disguise
Even if you did apologize
It’s no use I’d give you no reprise
Cause you’re just a child ,
a child in man’s disguise

La Malanima


Mi aspetta piano al buio
Nelle ore piccole
Mi aspetta nella luce
Quando avanza il sole

Si insinua lentamente
Come una nebbia senza pieta’
Come una cappa grigia
Rinchiusa dentro ad una lacrima

Resta con me in un ombra
Che minaccia di uccidermi
Gli oppongo resistenza
In questo vuoto vuole chiudermi

Prendimi e portami via
Da quest’ inferno di pazzia
Insegnami l’abilita’
Di trovare la mia verita’ (di demolire questa menzogna)

Nessuno puo’ salvarmi
Non c’e’ salvezza nella fuga
Soltanto la speranza
Da questo fato mi proteggera’

Tu pensi di capirmi
Ma non c’e’ modo tu lo possa fare
Tutto quello che vedi
Son proiezioni tue da soddisfare

Intrappolata in questa prigione
Vorrei urlare ma non so che dire
Paralizzata senza ragione
In/da questo sogno non riesco a fuggire

Front Line


I am fighting on the front line
though the victory's not mine
I swallow blood and pride
try to take it in my stride

I walk up and try again
keep on playing the same old game
a war not fought with words of hate
only won by tempting fate

and though I'm wounded I keep on going
my hurt's my wisdom I hope it's showing
I wrap a bandage on my heart
and move on til the battle starts

So won't you join me on the front line
come and join me on the front line
join me on the front line

'cause if I ran away inside
to try and find a place to hide
I surely would avoid the danger
but miss what satisfies my hunger

'cause I'm the soldier of all lost causes
passion denied, the rock of ages
I will not leave so I won't suffer
or I would miss the love on offer

I choose to live and keep on striving
one day I'll win or I'll die trying
living this life not just surviving
keep up the fight and keep on trying

Come and join me on the front line!

la spirale by elyssa vulpes

La Spirale

The Beginning


From the first day of your life
Till the last day of your life
You were left here all alone
You were left here, here to learn
There is nothing you can hide
From the first day of your life
To the last day of your life

Growing  Up


And now she goes
into the arms of the world

Beautiful Encounters


Is this only the beginning
Of something I can’t imagine
A story told in the hidden space
Behind the color of your eyes
A mystery captured inside the story
that we carry in our minds
This is only the beginning
This is only the beginning
This is only the beginning
Who are you
Who am I
We will discover it in time
Why is all this happening
There is no way to know it now
The only way is to live it
And hope it will fine
A story told in the hidden space
Behind the color of your eyes
A mystery captured inside the story
that we carry in our minds
In our minds
In our minds
In our minds



Shine that light on her face
To create your own disgrace
The false image of desire
The only one you can admire

When the illusion becomes real
The real man loses appeal
Now the only one you see
is what you want him to be

The dream lasts all day and night
Till that last most gruesome fight
But by then it’s late to change
And it leaves you feeling strange

To see that what you have created
Is your own dream become dust
it makes you feel like love is something
You can never ever trust

So you part your ways forever
Two souls joined now you must sever
What you can’t see anymore
Has become your inner sore



There are creatures
That we can’t see
There are creatures out there

I don’t know
What their name is
All I know is
I long to be there

In this beautiful place
Nobody knows
In this beautiful
In this beautiful
In this beautiful place
There are wide rivers
There are rare flowers
There are fine things
These are the things we all knew
Before we were all born
Even before then

I want to go back to this beautiful place
I want to fly away
I want to fly far away from this place
Fly like a bird that has never been caged

Never been caged
No no never been caged
Left without sound
Never be found

Never found
Never found
Never found

Dead of Night


The rain pushes against the window panes
the wind slaps your face around.
steps of darkness advance in the rain.
the wind guides them forward.
a pair of cat´s eyes blink in the night; leading the way
eyes sparkle like blue diamonds, reflecting the light
of the hiding moon.
There is no escape.
The steps follow faint. They always keep up.
There is no
running away-
There is nowhere to run.
And there´s no one to save you
no one will come to help
you´re walking alone in the rainy night.
you´re walking somewhere that´s not your home.
The shadows creep in
crowding your every breath
touching your skin
at every step.
And your heart is pumping. The sound of thumps
closes in
the fog advances, a wave of blankness
covers your feet.
In the eerie calm you stop. to wait. to see
the blade
into your chest.
You can feel the air move
right behind
you are going to stand witness to your own murder.
you are going to watch ripples of blood spill
from your own heart.
A drop of rain enters
inside your back
you see the spark of metal cut through the air
towards you.
A sting lacerates your flesh.
A scream rises into space. filling in the
cracks of
you fall unto your knees
your face hits the ground beneath.
The rain mixes with your blood.
you drink a teardrop sweetened by its warmth.
You surrender.



And so the cycle starts again
Next time around it’s the same
You will be born once again
There is no way to avoid pain

There is no way to escape life
Whether it brings you pain or strife
Beautiful soul once you are ripe
You will return without a fight

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