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Do you feel overwhelmed with the fear of rejection? Do you get overwhelmed when confronted with racism or your own negative thoughts? Kofy Brown knows how to keep on moving and keep your spirits high even when confronted by these challenges. When you know how to deal with your 'trash thoughts' you can learn to trust and invest in yourself. Join us and find out how Kofy does it!


Kofy Brown, an Oakland, CA musician, singer and songwriter has been a pioneering force in the Bay Area’s hip-hop soul/rock scene. The new record, Child of Providence is a delicious and eclectic assortment of songs, rendered by her incredibly tight band, the KBB (Sean Leahy – Guitar, Bryan Dean – Bass, Tony Providence – Drums, Julie Wolf – Keys and Vicki Randle – Percussion and vocals). Kofy is also drummer / singer in Skip The Needle and bassist / singer in Sistas in the Pit.


[02:22] Episode's Preview

[15:15] What it means to be a professional 

[19:20] Are young musicians not vulnerable enough?

[31:15] What is it like to be black, gay, a woman and an underdog?

[34:50] An empowering way to deal with Racism

[36:39] How to live a great life even if you have negative thoughts. 

[54:36] Live Performance


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