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Can you be introverted and still succeed in music? Aurora Engine (Deb Shaw) has a startling answer for you...

Aurora Engine is a harpist singer songwriter / electronic musician living and working in Leith, Edinburgh. She is also a pianist, composer and music technology enthusiast. Live performances bring harps, loops, effect pedals, vocals and synths, woven together to create ethereal sounds. Lyrics can be heartfelt or comic, music can be multi-layered or simply a voice and a harp


  • Why to be successful you need to be BOTH an extrovert AND an introvert  (07:05)
  • The link between perfectionism, impostor syndrome and intelligence  (14:24)
  • Women's representation in Electronic Music ((27:54)
  • Sexism within bands (31:00)
  • What it's like to be a single mother AND a musician (36:16)


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