Do you feel pulled in a million directions, overwhelmed with too many things to do and too little time to do them in? What if there was a way to be productive as a musician while staying sane? In this interview with productivity coach for music professionals Suzanne Paulinski we explore ways to slow down and prioritise self-care while getting things done. .  


Suzanne, founder of The Rock/Star Advocate, is a mindset and productivity coach for music professionals. With a degree in Music Business as well as a Master’s in Psychology, she thrives helping creatives reach their goals with custom goal-setting and time management solutions that enable them to gain clarity on their next steps while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

She published her first book, The Rock/Star Life Planner, now in its 2021 edition, as a tool for creatives to find focus in their daily lives. Her teachings can be found in her podcast - The Music-Preneur Mindset - and her many guest posts for Rising Tide, Sonicbids, Thrive, Tunecore, and Soundfly.


[03:09] Suz's story: how she became a productivity coach for musicians

[09:45] What if you don't know what you want?

[14:22] Are digital vision boards better?

[16:16] Feeling like you've wasted 2020?

[19:14] Advice for the overwhelmed

[22:24] Do what you love and you'll never work again. True or False?

[24:24] How to stop getting distracted by shiny object syndrome

[30:44] What causes lack of motivation and what to do about it

[36:04] Is a paper calendar better or worse than an app?

[30:44] What is productivity? Suzanne's Paulinski's definition


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