How do you carve your artist identity? Do you need to choose one genre and stick to it? And how do you convince your fans to back you up no matter what direction you go in?  Rachel Lark knows how to thread the line between comedy and 'serious' music and has harnessed her knowledge of economics and funding campaigns to get her fans to support her through Patreon. Discover how she does it!


Lark is an Oakland based singer/songwriter who creates brutally honest and infectiously catchy songs that make you laugh, cry and remember that you’re a human. She's known for her biting political commentary, fearless authenticity, and hilarious, raunchy wit. She has cultivated a loyal following on Patreon, whom she relies on to fund all of her projects, almost all of which she produces herself. She's the host of the podcast, "What's The Point?" and the writer of a new musical called “Coming Soon."


[02:13] Episode Preview

[11:59] You are either a serious musician or you are a comedian

[15:36] How the song "Fuck my Toe" changed Rachel's life

[16:28] What makes a song funny?

[17:53] How to talk about serious stuff during a comedy routine

[21:33] Use fear to help you drive your practice

[22:47] Stop trying to please your fans!

[23:44] How to navigate fan relationships on Patreon

[29:21] Thinking of Starting a Patreon? Do this first!

[35:32] How to build trust with your fan base

[36:10] Can you use Patreon to break away from a Capitalist view of music?

[37:36] Is Collective Capitalism the answer?

[40:02] All about "What's the Point"

[44:44] Coming soon: the journey of a woman trying to find sexual satisfaction


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