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Liz Barak - Empowering Women Musicians Worldwide!

In this episode Liz Barak shares her journey as a Berklee educated international mixing engineer dedicated to women's empowerment!

Liz Barak has a long milaege as a singer-songwriter. At 19 she moved to London, played clubs and tube stations and eventually was signed at East-West records. She obtained her music degrees from the prestigious Berklee School of Music in Boston and the Amsterdam conservatory and spent 6 years in Berlin as audio engineer of a grand circus. She wrote a novel called "Ballad to the North Wind" and created a correlating music project with songs mentioned in the book. In this episode of Dare to Be Seen 


  • [02:23] Preview
  • [10:13] Liz's project and how she empowers women musicians worldwide
  • Inner guidance vs External Expectations in creating music
  • [28:58] Sexism in the industry: getting fired as an audio engineer because of gender
  • [27:33] Why there are fewer women guitarists and drummers than women singers


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