Do you feel scattered, pulled into a thousand directions and alienated from who you really are?  What if there was a way to leave the hustle behind and align with your deeper self? Discover how singer-songwriter extraordinaire Kendra McKinley has tapped into a well of creativity to live a more joyful and abundant life.


Kendra McKinley is a singer-songwriter whose music bursts with vibrance, sensuality and wit. Her lush blend of chamber pop, jazz, and soul draws from a deep well of inspiration. Wether she’s performing solo or dancing with her full band Kendra’s confident, honeyed voice indulges all who hear it.


[01:53] Episode's Preview

[09:23] Are dreams messages from our subconscious?

[12:42] The relationship between nature and creativity

[17:25] The power of silence

[24:05] The natural world as an extension of artistic vision

[25:34] You are either a god or you live in the gutter. 

[27:10] Music is not a commodity

[27:48] On being a hustling musician

[31:20] How losing my instagram account saved my creativity

[34:36] How the music video for Dirty Laundry was made

[45:30] The inspiration behind Dirty Laundry

[49:32] The difference between female vs male film crews

[59:32] "Bloom" live version


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