Can music really be a vehicle for social change? Can the immigrant experience be re-defined to become a positive and enriching force in society? Discover how social activist and singer-songwriter Diana Gameros has embraced both her Mexican roots and her American life using her experience as an undocumented 'alien' to change the way illegal immigrants are seen in the USA.  


Diana Gameros is a singer, songwriter, music instructor and social justice activist, based in San Francisco, California. She was born and raised in Ciudad Juárez, México and immigrated to the United States as a teenager. Over the last decade in the Bay Area she has released two albums of original songs written in Spanish and English, and Mexican classic songs. Diana has been highlighted often by NPR's Tiny Desk Concert contest series, and a documentary film about her was released by KQED earlier this year. Her music often tells stories of family, migration, identity, and home, and has led her to perform with prominent performers such as Joan Baez, Natalia Lafourcade, and the San Francisco Symphony. Diana's voice and music have appeared on numerous films, documentaries and, most recently, on the television series Mayans MC soundtrack. Her songs and story have been featured on Billboard, Mother Jones, NPR’s Weekend Edition, and PRI's The World, to name a few.


[03:00] Episode's Preview

[18:55] On being 'bicultural'

[24:42] Diana's own experience as an undocumented immigrant

[35:28] How Diana's love for music emerged

[39:28] Kindness can come from the most unlikely places...

[47:10] To be successful at music you need to be living a good life

[50:42] Using music to process loss

[54:49] Diana Gameros sings a cappella live!


TW, IG: @dianagameros



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