No good at writing lyrics? Can't come up with new ideas? Feel like the ideas you have aren't good enough?  Artist and Creativity Coach, Singer-songwriter and multi instrumentalist Elisa Di Napoli aka Elyssa Vulpes introduces two essential practices that'll get your lyrical juices flowing and help you write better lyrics for your songs. 


[03:48] What do you struggle with the most with lyric writing?

[04:52] What is sensory writing?

[06:10] Show or Tell

[06:48] An essential daily practice that will transform your songwriting 

[10:14] Sensory Writing exercise 

[14:29] Why sharing your unfinished writing can be beneficial

[16:02] Writing through a lens exercise

[21:36] Summary of practices

[25:21] Elyssa Vulpes's Song: Where Have all the good guys gone?


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