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What does it mean to be an authentic musician? Why should songwriters be embracing authenticity? What is authentic music? Artist Coach, Hypnotherapist and Singer-Songwriter Elisa Di Napoli aka Elyssa Vulpes talks about how to be authentic and why this matters. 


Having cured her own anxieties (including stage fright) through a combination of her day job as a hypnotherapist and artist coach and writing and performing music, Elyssa hopes to inspire others to release their “scorpion energy” – confronting their fears and regularly shedding skins.

Her music is meditative yet motivational, with not only a classic singer-songwriter style but elements of Neo-folk, Indie-rock and Americana.

Born in Italy,  now based between in Scotland and New Zealand her music revolves around themes of life's sufferings  hope and transformation.

Soaking up the cultural elements of these disparate places, from the Celtic Folk Traditions of Ireland and Scotland to the celebrated Italian singer-songwriters of the 1970s, her music showcases a variety of musical hues that go from sombre to comedic.


  • [02:02] The Conflict between your inner guiding voice and the pressure to conform 
  • [03:02] Why it does not matter if your music is super niche
  • [04:08] Why is making authentic music is terrifying and satisfying at the same time
  • [05:05] Where does creativity come from?
  • [05:44] Why being inauthentic is alluring
  • [06:22] Why sticking to genres and fads is setting yourself up for failure
  • [07:10] Fitting in vs Belonging
  • [08:17] When being inauthentic is OK
  • [09:24] Why self actualization is not optional 
  • [10:40] Grow or die?
  • [11:33] Is grit more important than talent?


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