Is it possible to fall in love with discipline? And how do we regain motivation when we have lost it? Artist and Creativity Coach, Singer-Songwriter and multi instrumentalist Elisa Di Napoli aka Elyssa Vulpes talks about how to fall in love with self-discipline and harness your motivation to accomplish your goals as a musician and performer long term.


[01:01] Is discipline a dirty word?

[03:17] The obedience mindset vs the self-discipline

[04:56] Have to and want to

[05:35] Self-discipline is your friend

[06:24] What if you don't feel like it?

[08:03] Is your strategy wrong?

[09:40] Is your goal really your idea?

[10:40] The importance of monitoring your progress

[11:31] Learn from what worked

[13:08] Not motivated? Ask yourself this.

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