What do bicycles and music have in common? If you are passionate about fitness, music and the climate this episode is for you! Creativity Coach and Singer-Songwriter Elisa Di Napoli aka Elyssa Vulpes talks with Singer Songwriter Heather Normandale about how to be a creative eco warrior!


Heather Normandale has been a part of the bay area folk music scene since 2006 when she moved here to be a part of the music community. She has performed & toured with a variety of bands & environmental activists over the years using music (& bicycles) as vehicles for inspiration & environmental change. She has worked with bay area jazz artists managing an 80 member Yoga of Voice Choir for the YBCA. Her most recent musical collaboration is an all women folk project called Sass N Harmony.


[02:36] Episode Preview

[06:42] Why failing is essential

[13:44] Is Western Music more important than the rest?

[23:56] Bike tours are the answer!

[28:42] Lost your job? Tune into creativity. 

[38:44] What is better? Professional producers or self production at home?

[44:48] Benefits of Lockdown. Love wins!


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