Work with Me!

I am a  woman of many passions but my main two loves are music and personal development. So, there are three main ways you can work with me. Check them out below:

1-1 Piano, Guitar, Drums, Singing Tuition 

Want to learn how to play the piano, the drums or the guitar fast? Do you want be able to sing confidently and one day even write your own songs? Do you find classical tuition boring and stuffy? Find out how I can help you.

1-1 Creativity & Artist Coaching 

Looking for 1-1 help to get your album recorded or your book written? Feeling overwhelmed and need some clarity as to what to do next? I have 20 years experience as a transformational coach and hypnotherapist. Apply for a  free kickstart your project session today. 

Stage Presence Online Course & Book 

Want to feel more confident on stage? Feel anxious performing? As a former sufferer of severe performance anxiety I understand. Check out my interactive online course and start your journey towards stage presence today!

Composition & Songwriting Services

Need help with your song? Want an intro for your podcast? Would love a vocalist for your track? Find out how I can help. Custom orders and collaborative songwriting are welcome. 

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