Elyssa Vulpes - We Shall Overcome

Comedy Cabaret

Released November 2022

Elyssa Vulpes - The Night is Falling

The night is falling cover

Gothic Horror, Atmospheric Soundtrack

Released September 2022

Mjuk - The Heart of The Matter


Dark Ethereal Downtempo Haunting Landscapes & Experimental Vocals 

Released December 2019 

Elyssa Vulpes  - Mercy

Mercy album cover by Elyssa Vulpes

Contemporary Indie Folk Singer-Songwriter with European and Celtic Flavours.

Released April 2020

Elyssa Vulpes

Holding On, Letting Go

Indie Folk Rock with a Sombre Atmospheric Flavour

Released December 2018

Elyssa Vulpes

Where Have all the Good Guys Gone?

Where have all the good guys gone album

Indie Folk Rock with a Cabaret Twist

Released November 2019

Elyssa Vulpes - The Moon Whispers

Pearl of Blood

pearl of blood by elyssa vulpes

Indie Noir Album

Released March 2009

Elyssa Vulpes - The Moon Whispers

La Spirale

la spirale by elyssa vulpes

Experimental Folk Noir EP

Released January 2006


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