We Shall Overcome

(this shit storm - eventually)

I wrote this song a year and a bit ago at the beginning of the shit storm we call the Covid Pandemic. At first I showed it to a couple of friends and then made a short video on guitar and posted it on some musicians groups on fb.

I was disappointed to find that a lot of them got offended by the title "Covid is fun! (Not)" and didn't even bother to listen to the song. This disheartened me for a while, but then I thought: sod it! If people cannot deal with irony they can piss off! (to be fair a lot of them were Americans, so maybe it's something cultural... mah!)

However, taking on some feedback I changed the title to something recognisably positive such as "We Shall Overcome" and made it clear in the text I was taking the piss out of conspiracy theorists rather than being on their side.

Piano Version. 

I then proceeded to take up piano again after decades of not playing (to be precise since I stopped at 12 years old, after studying classical piano for one year only) and after practicing for eight months almost every day I rearranged the song, changing a few chords here and there. This is the result. I am pretty happy with this demo. What do you think? Does it work best with piano or guitar??

And here is my original post from 2020 with older versions on guitar...

COVID IS FUN! (NOT) - Original Post (2020)

So, these last 4 months have been tough for me, just like they have been for pretty much every one. I know there are people who have had it and continue to have it a lot worse than me, and I am grateful for all that I have. I have been able to stay at home and work a little bit - although not quite as much as normal - so my income has gone down but luckily I have had other support which has meant I have been ok. 

Like others I have felt anxious., sad, overwhelmed, fed up, pissed off and all that's in between. One of the hardest things has been isolation though, especially the lack of a social life. I know a lot of people but I can count my real friends on the fingers of one hand. and I have had a lot of disappointments in that arena too, especially during this time. 

On top of that I have felt particularly frustrated with the ridiculous conspiracy theories that have been floating around and with finding out that even otherwise intelligent people around me have not been immune to them. This has at times infuriated me, because these people have not taken the time to inform themselves properly and although I understand why they think the way they do I also see no way of getting through to them without ending in a horrible argument.

However, I am not one for shutting up for extended periods of time and I believe we should be able to at least take the piss out of each other. Therefore I resort to humour to make my point. In this song I tried to talk about a lot of what I have been seeing around me during this pandemic and hopefully the irony comes across in my lyrics.

I just wrote this song yesterday so it's pretty raw and I need to learn my words without reading but I am happy insofar as it is a demo! Do write in the comments below and let me know your thoughts!

1st demo version

And here is the 2nd Demo Version... Which one is better? 


covid is fun song page 1


we shall overcome lyrics


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