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Custom Songs for you! (Vocals & Instrumental)



I will sing vocals to your song (Composition and lyrics provided by you)


I will write and record an original instrumental composition (no vocals)

3 Days Delivery + 3 Revisions

  • Lead Vocal
  • Up to 60 Seconds
  • Original Melody
  • Project File Delivery
  • Commercial Use


I will write and record 2 of the following for your song: 

Vocals, Harmony, Lyrics, Guitar, Piano, Electronic drums

(Composition provided by you, mixing not included)


I will write and record an original instrumental composition (no vocals)

5 Days Delivery + 3 Revisions

  • Lead Vocal
  • Up to 130 Seconds
  • Original Melody
  • Project File Delivery
  • Commercial Use


I will write and record, mix and master an original composition including vocals, lyrics, acoustic guitar or piano, with or without drums.  

7 Days Delivery - 3 Revisions

  • Lead Vocal
  • Up to 240 Seconds
  • Original Melody
  • Project File Delivery
  • Commercial Use

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If what you want is not listed here I might still be able to help. Just send me a message and ask for a custom order.


Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.

Victor Hugo


Electronica and Soundscapes

Get your song finished! 

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What Happens Next?

I'll start with a rough recording of the melody, and i'll ask what you think. We'll discuss the direction, and we'll keep in touch throughout the process.

You will receive a Reference Track and Dry Vocal Stems in .wav format and Project file in LOGIC (if needed)

About this Gig

I am a professional singer-songwriter with 20 years experience performing, writing and recording in the UK, NZ and Italy. If you are looking for lyrics and/or melody to your song or vocals for your demo, and want a unique warm voice with an indie edge I am your gal :)

I can also play acoustic guitar, e-drums and can mix.

All of the songs featured in my profile are off of my 12++ albums, written recorded and sung by me.

I love writing songs from your ideas, taking your lyrics and writing a song for them, and co-writing unfinished songs.

I also find it super exciting to come up with new composition to fit your video, ad, or podcast. 

Elyssa Vulpes live


  • 1
    Songwriting: Lyric and song composition / editing
  • 2
    Vocals: lead and backing
  • 3
    Acoustic guitar and Electronic Drums (drumkit)
  • 4
    Audio Engineering
  • 5
    Italian and English

Hi, Iā€™m...Elyssa Vulpes (aka Elisa Di Napoli)

I am a singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist (I sing, play guitar, and drums) with 25 years of experience. I have composed, recorded, produced and mixed 12 albums of original music. Styles I sing in are: folk, folk-rock, cabaret, jazz, blues, and electronic. I use Logic and Ableton to record, produce and mix. I have an electronic drumkit so I can record perfect drums as well as studio mics for vocals. I can sing in English and Italian and write music and lyrics in both languages. I have a Graduate Diploma in Electronic music performance and I am a songwriting student at #1 US Music College Berklee School of Music. I am also an artist coach and author of the book and online course "Dare to Be Seen' which helps artists overcome stage fright and perform confidently on stage. 

They say

Scott Murphy
Scott Murphy

I have previously worked with Elyssa on my horror podcast and on both occasions found her work to be top notch. Thus when I was looking for a theme for my brand new action movie podcast I knew she would be the person for the job. Once again she delivered the goods and then some. Not only was it the exact thing I was looking for but she also produced it in a quick and timely manner. I would certainly highly recommend Elyssa to any other podcaster looking for a quality theme tune.


Scott Murphy

I loved working with Elyssa. She is a professional through and through. I gave her a track and within a day she already had come up with a brilliant vocal line. I found her easy to work with, and was delighted to find she was open to my suggestions and listened to my feedback. 


Ellie Jones

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