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Are you a musician suffering from anxiety, depression, OCD or another mental health issue? Do you feel particularly awkward about admitting it because you are the 'front' person of a band?

Ceiti is a talented singer songwriter and OCD sufferer who is extremely dedicated and passionate about musician's mental health. Check out this episode of Dare to be Seen to find out how she has coped with her issue over the years and on a different note, how she complements her income by being a free lance musician on Fiverr. 


Ceiti is a Glasow based singer-songwriter and artist. Her music contains elements of a variety of different genres/styles including melodic/alternative rock, ambient and dark atmospheric alt-pop and soul with elements of electronic/synth-wave and more. 

Her lyrics focus heavily on mental health and current world issues including the environment, human tragedy, empowerment, the impact of toxic relationships. Expect powerful and haunting vocals, lush harmonies, dynamically drenched piano and more.


  • [02:49] Episode's Preview
  • [14:46] How to deal with shyness
  • [20:49] Mental health in musicians
  • [24:20] What to do if you are an OCD sufferer
  • [33:28] Teenage musician? Start here!
  • [45:28] Be a freelancer!


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