Indie Folk Rock with Cabaret & Celtic European Influences (and some Gothic Horror sprinkled here and there...)

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Elyssa Vulpes

Singer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, Author and Mindset Coach

Elyssa Vulpes is a globe-trotting Italian multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter with over a dozen albums under her belt. She has performed at various festivals around the world, including the Edinburgh and Wellington Fringe, the Wellington and Auckland Folk Festival, Wellington Gardens Magic Festival and winning 3rd prize at the Biella Festival in her home country.

Soaking up the cultural elements of the Celtic Folk Traditions of Ireland and Scotland and the celebrated Italian singer-songwriters of the 1970s, her music showcases a variety of musical hues that go from sombre to comedic, offering the listener songs of passion and transformation, shining a light of hope in our troubled times.

"A magical ability to entrance an audience" Marianne Cathro Reviewer (Wellington Fringe 2023) Elyssa Vulpes is a likeable performer, and her singing voice has a beautiful clarity to it” The Scotsman (Edinburgh Fringe 2016) "... bitter-sweet songs, delivered with simple clarity... which show off her own vocal talents to charming effect.All Edinburgh Theatre” (Edinburgh Fringe 2016)

Elyssa Vulpes in concert


The night is falling cover

The Night is Falling

Bjork like vocals, Eraas meets In the Nursery, a Gothic Tangerine Dream... Inspired by the TV Show Yellow Jackets, this track takes you by the hand and guides you through dark snowy forests into a night full of exquisite terror-filled magic!

We Shall Overcome

The Pandemic, Climate Change, Crazy Politics, Conspiracies and Misinformation... What to do when the world is coming apart? 

Originally written in 2020 during the first 4 months of lockdown. However, we are not short of pandemics and disasters, so I figure it is still highly relevant...

Where Have all the good guys gone? Single

Where Have all the Good Guys gone?

Desperation Bridget Jones style is not my idea of a good time... but it happens to the best of us! What to do? Take the piss out of the situation, have a good laugh and count yourself lucky you are not like the lady on this track!

The Ballad of Queen Victoria

Ever wondered why the Victorians were so sexually repressed? Wanna know the truth about Queen Victoria?  Find out how Queen Victoria's disastrous sex life brought about the ruin of an entire nation...  

Front Line

Front Line 

When you get hurt you have a choice: close up and shrivel or be a soldier of love. Give up or grow up and open to the lesson to be learned. The way through is compassion, vulnerability and making use of our sorrows instead of allowing them to make us into victims.  

Holding On Letting Go Single

Holding On, Letting go 

Have you ever given away your power in a relationship out of a desire to be validated? I have. This doomed the relationship to failure and at the time I saw that as a sign I was flawed. My choice was to either hold on to this unfulfilled promise or face reality and see it was time to let go


photo of Elyssa Vulpes



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