I began writing songs at eighteen after coming to the UK and discovering Gaelic folk music.

Greatly inspired by the Celtic-infused culture of Scotland I started fusing my Italian storytelling-based song-writing with the melancholic feel of Trad-music which has been fuelling my creative development for the past twenty years.
Afterwards I travelled around the world and toured New Zealand, playing at Auckland and Wellington Folk Festivals as well as many city clubs around the North Island. While living in NZ I created the band “The Moon Whispers” as well as collaborated with local artists to produce six albums of original music and published poetry in the emerging writers magazine “Jaam- Just Another Art Movement .

Touring destinations included the USA, Ireland and London, where I wrote and directed a theatrical play and Italy where I won an award at the Biella Festival (2010) and worked in closed contact with The Mogol family to record two new albums, one of which in Italian.
Settling back in Scotland in 2011 I formed a new band “The Betes Noires” and more recently “Red Fox”. Since then I have been working on three more albums and have produced many live videos as well as two official music videos.
In 2014 I started participating to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where I met NY professional director Yana Landowne who believed in my music and encouraged me to work with her to share my message with a wider audience, helping me forge a new path by expanding into an old love of mine – playwriting.

With the intention of enlarging my performing vocabulary, having started training as an actor back in 2001 I decided to revisit and improve my training by studying improvisation with Improv FX as well as TBC Theatre , Chicago Io Theatre and The Maydays and have been doing so since 2014.
I now am focussing back onto solo work with an aim to blend theatre, music, storytelling and comedic improvisation and take my work to the next level.



Front Line @ EdFringe 2016 
Red Fox
Elyssa Vulpes and The Betes Noires
Mjuk (with Arjen Schippers)

The Moon Whispers (New Zealand)
Amy Davidson (Aieda Cin)

George Le Rouge (Composer / Italy)
Thom Dj T (Composer / Germany)
Domenico Pandolfo and Sunny Donito

Signed to Labels
Subtraxx Records and
Dirt Lies & Audio Recordings

Where Have All the Good Guys Gone ? Live in the studio 2016
Fringe 2015
New image no 2
The Betes Noires
The Moon Whispers

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