Dreams and firelight, shadows and rock and roll. Late night tales of witchcraft, mystery and desire the from battle-scarred survivors of the Love Wars...

Current Projects

Elyssa Vulpes and The Bêtes Noires

Elyssa Vulpes - vocals & guitar (Italy)
Josh Bergamin - bass (Australia/Italy)
Paul Gonzalez - drums (Spain)

Szymon Podboraczynski - violin (Poland)
Jenny Laahs - piano (Scotland)

We are based in Edinburgh Scotland.

Other Projects / Collaborations

Mjuk (with Arjen Schippers)

Amy Davidson (Aieda Cin)
George Le Rouge (Composer / Italy)
Thom Dj T (Composer / Germany)
Domenico Pandolfo and Sunny Donito

Signed to Labels
Subtraxx Records and
Dirt Lies & Audio Recordings


The Bêtes Noires...

The Ballad of Queen Victoria

Live @ The Edinburgh Fringe 2013

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